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Content With Personality 🎈

When I write long-form content like articles and blog posts, I write with a genuine and friendly tone that quickly builds rapport with the reader. My writing informs, entertains, and gets read top to bottom.
I research (a lot) before I write so I can understand you, your business, and your audience. The more passionate you are about what you do, the more of that passion I can channel into the content I create for you.

SEO-Optimisation That Works πŸ“ˆ

Don’t jam keywords in and try to fight with brute force. Everybody is doing SEO these days and that just won’t work for most businesses. I specialise in researching long-tail, high intent, low competition keywords. That means small-medium businesses stand a better chance of ranking in SERP’s. It means you’re more likely to be seen by people who intend to act. It means your page is more likely to attract not just more clicks, but the right clicks.

Beautiful, Concise Copy that Converts πŸ’°

I write static web pages, sales pages, and landing pages that convert leads into sales.
No clickbait, no aggressive or exploitative tactics, no fluff. Good copy celebrates your great product. It showcases your amazing service. It fills in the gaps, gives the reader a nudge, but it lets you and your business do the real talking.

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