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📧 Email Me

Want to cut to the chase? My business email is josh@sultanjosh.co.uk
Email me right away with any business enquiries.
I typically reply within one day, and check my emails in the afternoons.
You can view my entire portfolio here.

What do I have to offer?

I can create engaging, SEO optimised and reader-focused content for your business. Rather than jamming in keywords to drive up clicks without delivering value, I'll try to understand you, your business and your readers. Together, we'll establish primary and secondary keywords for SEO and I'll incorporate those organically into content that, before anything else, gives your readers value.
My philosophy with freelancing is to develop trust and connection with my clients, so that I can help them develop trust and connection with their readers. All of my content is unique and original, and while my preferred tone of writing is genuine and authentic, I can adapt my tone and style to match whatever works best for your business.
You can check out my portfolio of writing here

My Process

Here's a little insight into my workflow, so that you know what to expect. If you have any special requirements that require me to deviate from this process, that's absolutely fine.
  • After initial contact via a brief email exchange and a summary of the job, I'll do independent research to better understand your audience and content.
  • we'd have a free 'discovery call' so that I can develop that understanding, and we can iron out the scope, requirements, costs and timescale of the work.
  • All of the above details will be formalised contractually
  • Once we've entered into a contract, I'll commence the work. I'll provide updates as I go, if necessary. I'm likely to ask for feedback and may ask further questions as I learn more about the content.
  • Once we're both happy with the content, you'll pay me via bank transfer (preferred) and then the content is yours to do with as you wish. You'll have total ownership of the piece at this point.
  • I may link to the published piece of work on your website for my portfolio, but will not host or publish it myself.

💡 You Should Know

I live a nomadic lifestyle and change locations frequently. I tend to operate on local time which means to you it might seem that I work at odd hours. I take clients globally and I will do all that I can to ease communication between us but please consider that my lifestyle requires a good deal of agility when it comes to working hours.
I tend to do deep work in the mornings, and administrative tasks like responding to emails through the afternoon and evening. If you need to reach me urgently, call me. If you don't have my phone number then to my understanding you shouldn't need to contact me urgently, though I'm happy to discuss this.
Despite my lifestyle I try to ensure that I have a fast and reliable internet connection wherever I stay, so that should never get in the way of my work.

Have a question? Want to say hello?

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

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